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IFC has made agribusiness a priority because of its potential for broad development impact and especially strong role in poverty reduction. We combine investments and advisory services to help the sector address higher demand and escalating food prices in an environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive way.  In the fiscal year ended in June 2016, we invested $3.4 billion across the agribusiness supply chain—from farm to retail—to help boost production, increase liquidity, improve logistics and distribution, and expand access to credit for small farmers. At the end of the fiscal year, IFC’s agribusiness portfolio stood at $5.6 billion.

In 2015, the government of Rwanda entered into a $66 million joint venture along with Royal DSM (Netherlands) as majority shareholder, to form Africa Improved Foods Limited (AIFL), a food processing plant manufacturing fortified food for young children and mothers. AIFL was registered in March 2015 and started operating in December 2016. Other partners, the Dutch development bank, FMO, and the DFID Impact Acceleration Facility, also supported the investment, along with IFCs individual investment of $26 million.

The IFC’s Rwanda Grain Market project goal is to ensure the steady supply of safe and affordable raw material to AIFL while increasing the quantities of maize managed and stored under best practices in Rwanda, ultimately reducing the nationwide consumption of aflatoxin-contaminated maize products that is affecting the public health at large. The Project aims to increase the access to finance in the value chain and increase the stocks financed in the supply base of AIFL.

To assist in the industrial process support, Rwanda Grain Markets project is seeking for a short-term consultant (STC) with deep technical knowledge and experience in the milling technology and process optimization and engineering namely in sub-Saharan Africa and other challenging environments where the quality of raw materials poses an extra challenge to the industrial process.

Scope of work:Targets for reduced food safety risk are set for the time the final quality assessment, when the project clients have completed the implementation of the recommendations. The consultant is expected to provide technical assistance on operations for traders and cooperatives directly and supporting trading and processing company origination teams, in particular:

  1. Elaborate a check list and assess the current procedures of the target cooperatives and traders for a baseline.
  2. Design standard operating procedures (SOPs) for threshing, drying, storage, fumigation, general quality with focus in moisture and aflatoxin risk, health and safety.
  3. To provide the necessary training to cooperative key staff as well as staff for companies involved in the project.
  4. Train project staff for the coaching and operational follow up.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Strong training background in the grain industry.
  2. Analytic, strategic and operational skills.
  3. Demonstrated experience in managing and establishing grain management food processing facilities in challenging developing markets. With focus in maize and soya milling and extrusion.
  4. Knowledge of sub-Saharan grain supply chain and food peculiarities
  5. Operational management background.
  6. Track record in consulting or reporting.


The consultant is expected to work in close coordination with IFC specialists and relevant stakeholders to deliver and report as follows:


i)       Work plan.

ii)     Procedures check list.

iii)   Report on findings for each entity analyzed

iv)   SOP for grain intake and workflow.

v)     Training plan and coaching plan.

vi)   Train delivery.


  1. Inception report and check lists
  2. Individual reports of field visits, with recommendations.
  3.  Standard Operating Procedures according to needs and level of the entity.
  4. Training plan and schedule
  5. Training report and evaluation.

LENGTH OF ASSIGMENT: up to 70 days

Deadline to apply: June 28, 2019

Submission of  CV and statement of interest (only) by email to:  Tatsiana Dounar 


The World Bank Group values diversity and encourages all qualified candidates who are nationals of World Bank Group member countries to apply, regardless of gender, gender identity, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability. Sub-Saharan African nationals, Caribbean nationals, and female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

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