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Open Development, LLC is a women-owned and -operated, small business committed to fostering inclusive and sustainable global development. We address health and other social sector challenges through enterprise solutions that engage a diverse set of partners to disrupt traditional service delivery models, and through advisory and analytical consulting services that address the underlying systemic barriers and incentive structures that hinder meaningful reform. 

We are seeking collaborators to help shape our work and members to serve on our Advisory Board. 


Building on years of experience working for and with development partners, we counsel our clients on development policies and approaches to:

Design context-specific strategies that maximize the use of the local ecosystem (e.g., resources, organizations, systems and policies). Develop the investment case for health and other social sectors to shape local decision-making at the national and sub-national levels. Create transition plans, roadmaps and benchmarking to assist partner countries and development partners achieve a mutually agreed upon vision and set of program results

Assess and mitigate political, programmatic and fiduciary risk while staying forward leaning and innovative in development assistance programming.


Cultivate continuous improvement and data for decision-making, creating an environment that fosters change agency, adaptive learning, feedback mechanisms and course correction

Leverage data analytics to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health and other social sector investments to improve population health while lowering costs

Promote responsible data ethics and use, working with local stakeholders to balance risks, costs and privacy based on the context and regulatory environment


Foster ownership and accountability through development assistance programming that use interest-based problem-solving to overcome collective action problems and align stakeholder incentives around shared goals. Integrate good governance practices into social sector programs, ensuring appropriate and meaningful engagement of civil society and the private sector. Work with local policy makers to engage the private sector in service delivery, promoting a balanced approach to stewardship that derives good value for money from public investment.

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