Olawale Ayodeji Adeniyi


    Olawale Ayodeji Adeniyi

    Human Resource Officer


    Member Since 2019

    Candidates About

    I am presently looking for opportunities in Business Development, Programme Management and Human Resources,

    The following demonstrate why I shall be a valuable addition to your organization:

    Influencing skills: I’m able to clearly and concisely communicate complex ideas to a variety of audiences using oral, visual and written media. My experiences to date have equipped me with an ability to influence peers and clients in an effective manner by listening empathetically to people’s needs and responding accordingly.

    Teamwork: I have participated and led many teams within various organizations, professionally and voluntarily, with good results. These experiences have helped me hone my teaming skills required for superior performance.

    Problem solving skills: In my role at Advantage Health Africa, I identified key gaps in some clients’ business operations including high staff turnover and suboptimal employer-employee relationships. In response, I designed and proposed an HR consultancy service, won management’s approval and successfully operationalized the service.

    Winning Personality: I have developed a high level of cultural awareness and interpersonal skills that are essential for successfully working cross-functionally across large organizations.

    I look forward to hearing from you

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