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Writing an attractive résume description

Having a professional profile online is the creed if you want to attract the attention of recruiters and employers. The golden rule is to look after your presentation and organize the information to captivate the people who read your resume page.

We have already pointed out that it is not enough to add the attachment of your CV to believe that you have a professional profile online. It is a more structured job to do with tact. The most useful is to put in the “description” section of the CV the information that needs to be included. One must find in your description, what to know about you, without opening the file of your CV.

According to D.K. Ayida, founder of the Africa Label Group consulting firm: « the description of a professional profile must meet the same methodological requirements as the one used for the description of a position to be filled ».

The man who managed several international development programs and consultancy assignments in Africa added: « In this era of e-recruitment, when you choose to put online your profile, it is important not to take the exercise just like a game ».


It’s about telling the world who you are!

Some candidates tell a part of their life or their ambitions and achievements, thinking to impress. The intention is good but the method can be counterproductive. What must be in the description of your CV, it is somehow the content of your biography. A good description contains at least four types of essential information. It responds to the questions: Who, What, Where, Why.

  1. Who you are as a professional ?
  2. What have you done until now ?
  3. Where and with whom have you been working ?
  4. Why are you showcasing your profile ?

The description of the profile is the summary of your professional project. It’s a standard cover letter that has to say exactly where you are today in the career path and where you would venture into the future if an opportunity is offered.

Who you are:

Your identity, area in which you are specialized and how many years you have been practicing there. You can write it in the first or third person, but just translate the reality of who you are as a professional. Be precise and concise!


I am a human rights and democratic governance specialist with two decades of proven experience with civil society initiatives and international organizations’ programs.


What you have achieved:

It’s reassuring for recruiters to know that you have done things or held positions that are related to their specific need. In a clarity in line with your background, say in two or three powerful sentences the types of projects you have worked on. Go to the essential without spreading details.


I have worked extensively in the field of Biological Conservation and Natural Resource Management for many organisations and government departments at a high level.  My work focuses on all aspects of project management and development.


Where and with whom…

The geographical areas in which you worked are important  to potential employers. As well as the organizations that have employed you. Say it simply. Here is a practical example:

Countries of my work experience include: Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Togo, South Sudan, Somalia, Senegal, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Africa.


Why you are here

This part is not mandatory, but it can be useful. Posting your profile on a job site is step towards a clear professional goal. You must be able to say the ind of position your are seeking: consultancy opportunity? Full time position? What else?

What counts above all is that your description is sincere and reflect your career wishes.
Good luck on Kaleta!


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