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About One Acre Fund

Founded in 2006, One Acre Fund supplies smallholder farmers with the agricultural services they need to make their farms vastly more productive. We provide quality farm supplies on credit, delivered within walking distance of farmers’ homes, and agricultural trainings to improve harvests. We measure our success by our ability to make farmers more prosperous: On average, farmers harvest 50 percent more food after working with One Acre Fund.

We are growing quickly. We currently serve more than 800,000 farm families in Eastern and Southern Africa, with more than 7,500 full-time staff, and we aim to serve 1 million farm families by 2020.

Job Description

At One Acre Fund, we call impact our “north star.” Our goal is to increase impact for the hundreds of thousands of farmers we serve across Rwanda by encouraging them to purchase impactful products and training them on better agricultural techniques. Our vision is to see visible impact in the homes of every Rwandan farmer by 2030. The work of the Field Operations Impact Lead is to make that vision come to life.

To do this, the Impact Lead will be responsible for:

    • Designing the annual impact training calendar to improve planting compliance amongst One Acre Fund farmers and increase the overall impact that farmers receive from the Rwanda program
    • Collaborating with the Innovations Department to develop agricultural trainings, test them in the field, and ensure that they are easy to facilitate and target the right information
    • Reviewing historical drivers of impact and designing long term cost effective interventions for the Rwanda program that increase impact per farmer in the most efficient way possible
    • Assessing farmer behaviors and designing strategies that change
    • Conducting qualitative research in the field to inform well designed, high-quality trials that test strategies to increase the adoption of good agricultural practices (GAP) by One Acre Fund farmers
    • Utilizing trial results to design behavior change methodologies that lead farmers to implement GAP
    • Coordinating with the design team and other stakeholders to create materials used by clients and the field team to promote impactful behaviors
    • Collaborating with the Marketing and Enrollment Team to drive the adoption of impactful products
    • Overseeing the execution of impact activities in the field by following up on progress, correcting course, and creating recommendations for future seasons


Specific Responsibilities Include, But Are Not Limited To

Impact Strategy Design

The Impact Lead will design the annual farmer training calendar that aligns with key agricultural activities throughout the year. The Impact Lead will work with the Innovations Department and field team to identify the most impactful practices and design participatory and engaging training that promote those practices. The Impact Lead will equip One Acre Fund Impact Research Managers to train District Trainers to lead weekly sessions with the field team on facilitation best practices and training content, in order to lead productive training with TUBURA clients– one of the most valued services we provide clients. In addition to designing and facilitating impact training to the field team, the Impact Lead will follow-up on training performance, including how training are being facilitated at all levels of the training cascade, how clients are perceiving and retaining knowledge from those training, and whether those training lead to behavior change.

Impact Strategy is not limited to training, therefore, the Impact Lead will also drive impact through other channels such as designing field team follow-up activities, planning targeted Short Message Service (SMS ) campaigns to promote farmer actions and/or collaborating with local government to align key messages communicated to farmers. To do this, the Impact Lead will review the key drivers of planting compliance and harvest, and use those to develop solid strategies that increase impact per farmer. To measure progress, the Impact Lead will develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track progress towards these goals, and to measure the success of initiatives. During this process, the Impact Lead will have the support of four Impact Research Managers two days a week to help follow-up on impact activities in the field, collect research on key initiatives and to translate and prototype materials.

Trials to Identify Actions that Drive Planting Compliance

In reviewing the key drivers of harvest and planting compliance, the Impact Lead is responsible for innovating on current strategy, and designing interventions that create more impact per farmer. The Impact Lead will consult stakeholders from multiple departments to design these interventions, and will develop trials to test interventions in the field. In doing this, the Impact Lead will be responsible for trial design, execution, follow-up and evaluations (including writing and sharing post-mortems and/or memos) in order to accurately measure success and make recommendations for future season.

Materials Execution

The Impact Lead will own the procurement and distribution of impact materials to and from the field (with the support of the Procurement and Operations Support Team). This will involve designing timelines for procuring and delivering mission critical materials to the field such as planting guides, and planting tools used by the field team and clients. The Impact Lead will be responsible for tracking the movement of these materials and taking regular inventory of them in One Acre Fund offices across Rwanda. In this role, the Impact Lead will work closely with the Global Inputs and Procurement Team to calculate the quantity of materials needed season after season.

Impact Strategy Communication

As the sole representative of impact on the Field Operations Team, the Impact Lead will be responsible for brainstorming and collecting feedback on key impact strategies with members of the Field Operations Team (both at the office and in the field) and informing departments within the Rwanda Team and across other One Acre Fund country programs on finalized impact strategies going out into the field. To do this, the Impact Lead will communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise way to audiences that don’t regularly interact with impact activities in the field. The Impact Lead will likely do this through (but not limited to) powerpoint presentations, e-mails, pre-read documents, and team discussions.


Additional Special Projects and Responsibilities

After 6-12 Months Getting Up To Speed, Additional Special Projects Could Be Added To The Impact Lead’s Work Portfolio (based On Interest, Bandwidth, And Priorities – And Subject To Change)

    • Ownership of internal working groups that promote the use of good agricultural practices and/or the adoption of impactful products (i.e. the Impact Working Group consisting of Field Operations, Innovations and M&E department members)
    • Designing a nation-wide campaign to promote specific impactful products by collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders such as the Rwanda Agricultural Board, Radio Rwanda, and the Twigire Muhinzi Program
    • Working with the Tech Team to design a tablet interface to be used by the field team and/or clients to promote the use of good agricultural practices


Career Growth and Development

We have a strong culture of constant learning and we invest in developing our people. You’ll have weekly check-ins with your manager, access to mentorship and training programs, and regular feedback on your performance. We hold career reviews every six months, and set aside time to discuss your aspirations and career goals. You’ll have the opportunity to shape a growing organization and build a rewarding long-term career.


We are seeking exceptional professionals with 2-5 years of work experience, and a demonstrated long–term passion for agricultural development and knowledge sharing.

Candidates Who Fit The Following Criteria Are Strongly Encouraged To Apply

This is a competitive posting for a career-track role with minimum initial commitment of two years.

    • University degree in the agricultural sciences or agricultural development
    • Experience in training design, with strong facilitation skills
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office– including Word, Excel and Powerpoint
    • Innovative and critical thinker, with the ability to develop and communicate a clear theory of change
    • Skilful in project design, including the calendaring and prioritizing activities and overseeing the execution of research in a rural setting
    • Strong communication skills, and the ability to work with multiple stakeholders to achieve a common goal
    • High level of detail orientation and self-organization. You should be a proactive problem solver and strong communicator. This portfolio is a high priority for the organization and, as such, demands a high level of excellence in execution
    • Humility and personal stability. We have a fantastic and likable team. We are looking for passionate professionals that combine strong leadership skills with good humor, patience, and a humble approach to service
    • Language – English and Kinyarwanda


Preferred Start Date

As soon as possible

Job Location

Rubengera, Rwanda


Commensurate with experience


Full-time job


Health insurance, paid time off

Sponsor International Candidates

NoMust have existing rights to work in Rwanda .

One Acre Fund never asks candidates to pay any money or pay for tests at any stage of the interview process. Official One Acre Fund emails will always arrive from an address. Please report any suspicious communication here.

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