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We help job seekers to identify the options that come their way, assisting them identify opportunities that fit their profile, propelling them to competition in the hard job and consulting market.

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The Kaleta career coaching packages

Young professionals

We take care of the young graduates guide them methodically to embark on their careers, with focus on jobs in the areas of international development.

Job changers

You want to change profession, embrace a new career: we help you manage the requirements of the professional transition.

New consultants

You want to use your professional skills and abilities to get started in the consulting career. Our experts accompany you step by step.

Job search support

Coaching for career development and job search support. Guidance in application writing.

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Quality services provided by seasoned experts to help you get over the milestone. Everything affordable.

I had recourse to Kaleta’s experts and I was filled. The quality of the coaches, their availability, the technology used and the advice provided helped me to raise myself professionally and get a new position.

Seydou Touré



I wanted to go from public service to consultancy. I confided in the Kaleta specialists and I was not disappointed. I recommend them to all who want to do things professionally and have results.

Arnold Mensa



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Help us understand your professional profile in order to schedule your coaching sessions.

Our Coaching Approaches & tools

Why a coach to develop your career?

Our coaches have solid experiences in international development. They know the recruiting procedures used by the actors in this field. They help you to position yourself as a quality candidate, meeting the requirements of vacancies. Your coach will support you step by step to understand the expectations of recruiters, the qualifications required, the profiling of your skills, to make you a strong competitor on the  international development market.

Your career is more important than you may believe

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Let us know a little bit about you and your professional ambitions. This will help our team prepare your coaching plan. Please, be as precise as possible and provide any comment that can be useful for our experts. We will use your information for the sole purpose of your request.

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