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Kaleta (formerly iMaginAfrica) is the sourcing agency that serves Talents, Recruiters and development organisations in Africa.

With Kaleta, a new Job search mode is born, allowing candidates/job seekers to go around the job market in 3 clicks. Every day, they simply access Job openings posted by various recruitment firms, NGOs, Governmental projects, Donors agencies and more sources…

To take advantage of  Job Search facilities, you just need to create a free account on the website and add your CV in the professional space that you administer personally.

With Kaleta.co, recruitment professionals and managers of development organizations in Africa can easily get in touch with motivated and real-time candidates for their new job offers. Kaleta provides them with tools and information to better process applications and maximize Internet opportunities. The platform relies on a database of more than 5000 CVs of professionals & Freshers in various development sectors.

Kaleta is a company of Africa Label Group, the international development professional service firm, serving Africa since 1999…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How can I get help to find job?

You can create your professional profile on Kaleta and start your job search. It is free. Just create an account and add you resume (CV) and picture.  Clearly indicate your experiences and specific skills. This would allow you to apply for openings that we publish on the platform. And you can be found by Recruiters and Employers seeking Talents in Africa. Use this link to create your professional profile on Kaleta.co: https://kaleta.co/submit-resume/

Do you have a service to assist in designing CVs?

Yes we provide a Free CV check service. Our Sourcing experts will review your Resume and send you instructions to make it more suitable for international development jobs. You would have to redesign the Rsume yourself. We also have a Premium Resume Service that permits our experienced Recruitment experts to redesign your Resume, and develop a Cover letter for you. Depending on the type of subscription you have, they can also assist you to apply for the vacancies that matches with your profile. Please check this page to read more about our Résumes Services : https://kaleta.co/resume-broadcasting/

How much doest it cost to get support of Kaleta experts ?

We provide free customer support through LiveChat. Other assstance depends on the kind of service you request. For job seekers, we have 2 kind of premium services :

Professional coaching service. : https://kaleta.co/coaching/coaching-pricing-plan/

Do I need a have a membership to read vacancies ?

You can subscribe to Free membership to see vacancies published by some Kaleta clients (employment organizations). You can also subscribe to Premium membership with more features and advantages. Visit the Premium membership page for more information : https://kaleta.co/product/premium-member/

How can I request coaching from Kaleta experts?

Coaching at Kaleta is a professional service provided by experienced international development experts and recrutment specialist. You need first to take a survey with our Coaching department, inorder to evaluate you needs and career project. Please, folow this link and send your request : https://kaleta.co/coaching/contact-coaching/

How can I add my resume to Kaleta platform to be found by recruiters?

It is easy to add a resume. You just need to create a free account and you can upload the resume. Use this link to get started : https://kaleta.co/submit-resume/

In your application letter, please refer to Kaleta.co as your source for this job.
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