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Legal Basis:
26 April 1876: The government recognises the Danish RC as a private humanitarian organisation. The Danish RC’s legal foundation is its statutes, adopted in accordance with the law. Specific agreements are concluded between Danish RC and various government offices.
1917: The Danish RC joins the League.
November 2001: Most recent update of the statutes at a meeting of representatives of the Danish RC. It is now possible to be active in Danish RC without being a member.
November 2003: Most recent General Assembly and national elections.


The Danish Red Cross set out its mission and statement of goals in its plan of action for 2002-2005. This was adopted at the General Assembly in 2001 and is revised by the assembly every second year.The Danish RC is an auxiliary to the Danish government in the fields of humanitarian assistance, relief work and education, either alone or in co-operation with state bodies or other organisations. The Danish RC and the government also co-operate in the area of asylum seekers and international humanitarian aid and rehabilitation.


District level: 240 local branches, which co-operate actively within the boundaries of a county.

Special statutes: Reydi Krossur Føroya (the Red Cross of the Faroe Islands) and Kalaallit Røde Korsiat (the Red Cross of Greenland) have the statutes of independent organisations under the Danish RC, reflecting their statutes as largely self-governing entities within the Kingdom of Denmark. Danish Red Cross Youth is an independent children’s and youth organisation under the aegis of the Danish RC.


Plan of action: the Danish RC is working according to the 2002-2005 Plan of Action. The draft plan is prepared by HQ, submitted to the Central Committee for review and then presented at the General Assembly for approval.

Humanitarian co-ordination: Danish RC is a member of various groups bringing together NGOs, the authorities as well as the military. Issues include ensuring co-ordination in humanitarian activities, civil-military co-operation, questions of international humanitarian law, health education, and first aid.


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