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Panagora Group believes that focusing on novel and integrated approaches to health and development will yield the best long-term results. To that end, we place special focus on integrating learning and adaptation into how social and economic development interventions are designed – to respond to changing circumstances, and learn from experience. Panagora Group is 11 years in providing development solutions among 180 global teams, impacted 55 countries, and has 3 USAID CLA awards and 69 contracts awarded.


Panagora is dedicated to providing high-quality, high-impact international health, development, and learning consulting. We serve as a dependable small business partner focused on market-based and integrated solutions that build country capacity and independence; and on learning, communications, and technology solutions to accelerate and heighten impact.​

What We Offer

Panagora Group offers an array of global health, international development, and learning services and experts across a wide range of technical and cross-cutting areas. We can provide expertise as short-term or long-term technical assistance in-country or in Washington, D.C. through institutional support mechanisms.

Our Expertise

Panagora lives its core values of bringing passion, innovation, and excellence to our work. Our motto is “make it stick” — i.e., make it sustainable. We approach every challenge with an exit strategy, aiming to work ourselves out of the job at hand. We are experts in Global Health, Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance, Agriculture and Food Security, Environment and Climate Change, Working in Crises and Conflict, Economic Growth and Trade, Water and Sanitation services

Making our world a better place for good.

Panagora Group seeks innovative and highly motivated individuals to fill headquarter and project opportunities. Join a successful small business dedicated to providing novel and integrated solutions in health, development, and learning through approaches that build country capacity and independence.

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Tel: 202-580-8318
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