How to create an attractive Resume (CV) on Kaleta?

You did well to choose Kaleta as a job board to highlight your skills and professional qualities, in order to attract organizations and recruiters. We use the most advanced techniques to enable our members to find all the information they need about the opportunities on the continent. We also allow them to promote themselves using the international recruitment tools most recommended by specialists.

It’s easy to create a “candidate” (job seeker) account on Kaleta. This is the first step towards recognition. But you have to take the time to heal the content of your professional page to increase your chances of being seen and contacted. So you have to go step by step. We have gathered some practical tips for you.

Hundreds of employers and recruiters visit our website daily, to find profiles that match their needs. When they read your personnal page, they want to quickly see  information that tells who you are, what your skills are, what your recent experiences are and what ambitions you have when referring ton a professional website like Kaleta. They wish to see all this on the description section of your resume.

We are here to help you satisfy them. Do not forget that the market is highly competitive! Here are some important steps to make your profile more attractive ang targeted to recruiters / employers on the African continent :

  • Create a New account on Kaleta, or log in to your account (if you forgot your password, you can generate it from with the email address you used while creating the Kaleta account). If you have trouble opening the link, copy and paste this URL into your browser:
  • Add in the description field a summary of your professional life (short biography, highlighting your education and your professional background, and clearly indicating the priorities of your career. Be succinct, precise and clear … It is not all the content of the CV that must be poured here!)
  • At the bottom of the description, in the section on education, add one by one your main education and degrees,
  • In the next section, add one by one your experiences starting with the most recent (or the current one). For each position held, specify the organization in which you worked and a sentence that summarizes the specific actions / responsibilities you were involved with.
  • Add a picture of you (which reflects your personality as a professional)
  • Add your resume file (word or pdf)
  • Review and publish your resume.

Make this page your career dashboard and update it frequently.

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