How members are using Kaleta for job search

The job market has the same requirements in Africa as elsewhere in the world. Many people are surprised and sometimes complain that they do not receive an answer when they apply for job openings. Others are discouraged, thinking that the system is undermined or corrupted. But in reality, it is the rules of recruitment that change; and the techniques with.

When you apply for a job

There are hundreds of jobs posted every week on Kaleta. And thousands of Internet users in African countries and almost everywhere consult them. You are probably one of those people. When it happens to you to find a vacancy that suits you, you click on “Apply”. Very often you are redirected on the site of the annealer. And that’s where you send your application: CV and cover letter.

You may be wondering what happens once you click “send”. It depends on each organization or recruiters who are behind the process. But you must know one thing: each opening that is advertised generates hundreds of applications, from the most serious to the most fanciful. Recruiters are therefore increasingly using dedicated applications to select CVs that match the criteria contained in the job description.

Networking tools

At Kaleta, we do everything to meet the needs of our members. This is why we have set up services to help candidtes to present recruitable profiles on the job board. You can not just create a resume page, add a title, add your Email then attach the resume file and believe that you are done.

The platform allows you to create two types of profiles: a resume page that must include all the information of a normal and verifiable professional CV, and a social network profile. Oh yes! Kaleta is also a social network that allows you to connect with other members, make friends, join groups and share information!

Expert support

We have Kaleta agents (scattered in 8 different African countries) who are regularly available to answer users’ questions. Our LiveChat service is modern and user-friendly. A Knowledge Base is associated with it, with frequent questions to which the Kaleta team has provided useful answers. Just such to make life easier for our dear members! When the LiveChat is not On, you can contact us by opening a ticket. We respond within 24 hours.

Kaleta also offers a very complete coaching service to assist members with specific needs. These are experienced experts who take care of the service. They interact with candidates online and on phone calls. Through solutions, they revise or redesign resumes/CVs, assist in the profiles development  in relation to recruitment opportunities and guide candidates in their career development process.

If you have the ambition to find a job in a field where you are sure to possess the skills, the best for you is to have a premium account.

Having a Kaleta account has multiple benefits that you need to profit from. Every day, while consulting the server data, we are pleased to see the variety of users from many countries. Their needs are the same and everyone does the basics to make the best use of Kaleta tools that has nothing to envy to the biggest international recruitment companies.