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Post a single job on for 30 days. You will be prompted to job packages after entering job details.

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  • Post a single Job. Job expires in 30 days: Extensive display, promotion within African professional networks and on social media.    Visibility in target job categories & regions; Vacancy populated within social media; Visibility in the talents newsletters; Basic statistics on the ad’s performance. Sale price: $150


  • Post up to 3 jobs. Listing expires in 30 days. Maximum display of your openings, promotion in African professional and social networks. Sale price: $295

  • Post up to 5 jobs. Opening expires in 30 days. Maximum display of your ads, promotion in African professional networks and social networks, access to the Resumes database, experts support: Sale price: $495



$ 89
Per Month
  • Post 1 opening on Kaleta Africa development jobs board for 30 days.


$ 199
Per Month
  • 3 active jobs per month. Maximum display in African professional and social media.


$ 349
Per Month
  • 5 active jobs per month. Promotion on Home page, blog and Job search results.

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What you get

Targeted candidates

Candidates on Kaleta are committed to working with development organizatons.

Kaleta network

Kaleta is the result of over 20 years collaboration and knowledge sharing throughout the African continent.

Customer support

Our dedicated team is always available to provide pofessional support to users.

Unlimited job posting

Post as much jobs as you need to attract the best talents for your project.

Talents Database

A special subscription will allow you to browse our database, with over 2500 professionals from 54 countries.

Geographic focus

We target all the African countries, using the most modern tools to connect with professionnels seeking jobs.

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